Sweet Surrender

The Ultimate Spa Bundle


The epitome of self-care goals!

The Ultimate Spa Bundle is a complete luxurious, self-care bundle for the days when you need more than your regular daily routine. 

It has everything you need for a spa night to relax, unplug and unwind. Just grab your favorite glass of wine, your favorite playlist, and close the bathroom door. You'll emerge a gorgeous butterfly with unbelievably soft, glowing skin! 

    The Ultimate Spa Bundle is the ultimate in self-care goals!

    Experience the ultimate in luxurious self-care with this bundle that features: 

    • 2 Artisan soap bars to gently cleanse and nourish your skin.
    • 1 Exfoliating body polish
    • 1  Whipped body butter to nourish, moisturize, and keep your skin baby soft.
    • 4 Extra-large bubbling bath bombs for a relaxing soak.
    • 4 Shower steamers for an amazing aromatherapy session. 
    • 1 Lip polish to gently exfoliate your lips.
    • 1 Lip balm to moisturize and hydrate your lips for soft, dewy lips. 
    • An inflatable bath pillow to rest your head and neck for a truly relaxing soak in the tub. 
    • Spa-band to keep your hair gently tucked away while you relax and get gorgeous.
    • 4-ounce hand-poured candle to set the mood for calm, peace, and transcendence into tranquility.

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