Spa Gifts For The Woman Who Loves to Slay

The Holidays are fast approaching! What better way to take a break from the  madness of “Rona” than with some retail therapy!

Whether you're the woman who loves to slay or shopping for her, I’m sharing with you some amazing gift ideas for the girl who loves to treat herself. 

And since we are in the spirit of giving, you can grab a few of these “Home Spa Treatments” for yourself and indulge in some “Me Time” and slay too girl, because, it’s all love and you can definitely get you some too! 

I love supporting black businesses, and since you're here I believe you do too, so my list features 5 Black Woman-Owned businesses with bomb products. 

So get ready to take some notes for your shopping list and get right into it!

Spa Gift Ideas

Sweet Surrender

From bubbling bath bombs and nourishing soaps, to rich creamy exfoliating body polishes and whipped body butter, Sweet Surrender is the epitome of self-care goals! 

Sweet Surrender is a woman-owned bath and body care business specializing in providing opportunities for women to relax and escape their chaotic schedules. The handcrafted products were designed to help women develop and maintain personalized self-care routines, and feel more beautiful and more confident in themselves, while improving and maintaining the health and vitality of their skin.

Not sure where to start? Be sure to browse our curated collection of Spa Beauty Bundles where there is sure to be a spa gift set perfect for yourself, loved ones, and your bougie besties.

Are you already a self-care pro and know exactly what your skin needs? We have you covered too girl! This Black Friday, get 30% off all Healthy Skin Duos, and 40% off all beauty bundles! I know you like to splurge and treat yourself, but girl, who doesn’t love a good sale! 

The annual Office Christmas party may be on hiatus this year, but your home spa party can be totally lit, literally!

For inspiration follow us on Instagram or check out our online boutique!

 Carissa Stephens – PurNoire

When it comes to lavish relaxation and loving yourself wholly, the owner of PurNoire has the perfect spa day cocktail beautifully bottled and corked!

Can you think of a better way to set the vibe for a day of relaxation and pampering than with a great glass of wine, a warm, tension-releasing shower or a long, soak in a bubble bath? Yeah, me neither!

A wife, mother, and business owner, Carissa Stephens understands the importance of living your best life and creating memorable experiences, trust me, it shows in every bottle!

Be sure and check her out on Instagram and head over to PurNoire and grab a bottle or two, or three of her ultra-premium wines for amazing stocking stuffers! Your besties will love you forever! 


Thee Nail Factory

Still can’t get to the nail salon for a relaxing manicure. Thee Nail Factory has made it easier for you to keep your nails on point!

If you’re anything like me, a mani-pedi can be the pick-me-up that instantly transforms feelings of “blah” into beautiful, sexy vibes! 

With Thee Nail Factory you can keep those nails popping with a custom set you can easily do during your “me time”, before a date, or whenever you just want to switch things up. 

You won’t have to worry about sizing, because they’ve taken care of that too! 

They offer a sizing kit to make sure that custom set is hot and not a hot mess so you can easily get that fresh from the nail salon look! 

Check them out on Instagram to see their amazing designs or shop online!


Killaa Kustoms

Self-Care includes caring for your hair. No matter what else is going on, your hair needs love and attention too. The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and find your lovely locks still on your pillow from breakage!

Killa Kustoms has a variety of beautiful satin and satin lined velvet bonnets for you to keep your crowning glory safely tucked away while you get your beauty sleep.

During the day, keep it light and chill with a sleek bun or ponytail using a super cute velvet scrunchie! The soft material will help you keep your hair out of the way without creating friction and drying your hair out!

Be sure and check out Killa Kustoms on Instagram for more details on her hand sewn bonnets and scrunchies and protect that hair!


Pink Lipps Cosmetics

Just because you’re spending more time at home these days, doesn’t mean you still can’t look like a million bucks!

A little color in your life can go a long way to help brighten your day and lift your spirits. 

After a relaxing bath or shower, a nude lip with a bit of shimmer and shine can be the perfect touch to set off a natural yet sexy vibe for snuggling up on the sofa with your man, a glass of wine, and a movie for date night. 

Pink Lipps Cosmetics, has a gorgeous array of lip colors that range from shimmering, sexy, and barely there nudes, to sultry, bold, matte kiss me now reds! I don’t know about you, but I love a sexy red lip!

Be sure and check her out online and on Instagram to see her latest colors! 


I hope you found this gift guide helpful and got inspired to get amazing spa gifts for you and your girls!

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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!



I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and are excited about the featured businesses! To purchase these great products, I suggest going directly to the website of the business that offers them.

To make purchasing easier, the article includes direct links to the websites and Instagram accounts of each business featured so you can reach out to them directly for assistance at your convenience.

Hope this helps!

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