What is the point of a shower steamer

Seems lately there’s a lot of buzz going around the internet about shower steamers, but what are they? What do they do and what’s all the fuss about? 

Well, they are little fizzing shower treats that can change your whole mood and create a serious vibe in a matter of minutes! Keep reading and I’ll give you the tea!

Eucalyptus and Spearmint Shower Steamers from Sweet Surrender

Shower steamers are handmade with baking soda, citric acid, and either fragrance or essential oils much like bath bombs which is why they are also often called shower bombs, but for the sake of confusion we’ll just stick to shower steamers. 

Shower steamers come in many shapes, colors, and fragrances, but the most common are tablet shaped so they stay on the floor of the shower or bathtub without rolling around. 

So what is the point of a shower steamer?

While you’re showering, the shower and most likely your entire bathroom fills with steam much like a sauna at a spa. When you add a shower steamer to the mix, once they get wet, they fizz and release fragrance that mixes with the steam to create a luxurious and relaxing aromatherapy experience.

Sounds cool, right? They really are!

Depending on the fragrance you choose you can create a unique experience to suit your mood. For instance after a long day you can relax and unwind with the soothing and calming scent of lavender to help you get ready for a good night’s sleep.

During the winter months, or cold season, shower steamers can be used to relieve nasal congestion and soothe and calm sinuses. On the flip side, it you’re anything like me, sometimes you need a little help to get going in the mornings and a regular shower just isn’t enough. For those days a citrus scented shower steamer can be just the pick me up you need to get you up, energized, and ready to take on the day ahead.

Benefits and Usage Tips of Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Aromatherapy shower steamers are a popular way to unwind and de-stress after a long day. The benefits of using shower steamers are numerous, as they release essential and fragrance oils into the steam, which can help to clear sinuses and relax the mind and body.

Essential and fragrance oil shower steamers come in a variety of scents, including peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus.

To use shower steamers, simply place one on the floor of your shower away from the drain and allow the water to activate it. Natural shower steamers are a great alternative to synthetic bath products and are made with all-natural ingredients.

Peppermint shower steamers are perfect for a refreshing morning shower while relaxing shower steamers can help you unwind before bed. Shower bombs, shower fizzies, shower melts, shower tablets, and shower vapor disks are all different names for the same product, but no matter what you call them, they all offer the same benefits and can make your shower experience even more enjoyable.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint Shower Steamers


What are shower steamers and how do they work?

Shower steamers are small tablets that fizz and dissolve when they come in contact with water, releasing essential oils and other scents into the steam. They work by turning your shower into a mini aromatherapy session, providing a pleasant scent and stress and tension releasing benefits.

What are the benefits of using shower steamers?

The benefits of using shower steamers can include stress relief, relaxation, mental health benefits, sinus relief, and congestion relief, depending on the scents and essential oils used.

How do I use a shower steamer?

To use a shower steamer, simply place it on the floor of your shower away from direct water flow. As the steam and water hit the steamer, it will begin to dissolve and release its scent. Breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy!

What are some popular scents for shower steamers?

Some popular scents for shower steamers include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus, and vaporizing menthol.

Can shower steamers be used in a bath instead of a shower?

While shower steamers are made with the same ingredients that are in bath bombs, the are formulated for the shower. Shower steamers also have a higher concentration of fragrance and essenital oils which can be irritating to the skin and are therefore, not recommended to be used in the bath.  


There are so many wonderful benefits to using shower steamers, but in order to really appreciate them and just how powerful these little shower treats are, you just have to try them. I guarantee you won’t be sorry and you’ll love using them to instantly transform your regular shower into whatever luxurious experience you’re in the mood for! They also make great gifts!

Now that you know what shower steamers are and their purpose, are you game to try them?

Let me know in the comments, have you used shower steamers? If so, how often do you use them and what’s your favorite scent? 

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