Okay girl, you’re doing okay, but it could be better: You are definitely on the right track! You totally get and understand the importance of self-care, but remember, but sometimes you still put yourself second… or seventh.

Sometimes life can get in the way of your planned me time, meditation, book reading, or favourite show, you’re gonna have to remember to MAKE the time!

Pro tip, it takes 30 days to break a habit, and about three weeks to create a new one! So, what am I saying? For the next 21 days, make it a point to do something for yourself everyday. Turn that ordinary bath/shower into a spa and/or an aromatherapy treatment. Take a quick 5 minute walk alone or sit in silence for those 5 minutes to just chill and be at peace.

Whatever you like doing, walking, meditating, taking a warm soak in the tub, whatever it is, do it! And don’t just do it here and there, do it consistently until you do it without even thinking about it and it just becomes part of your daily/weekly routine. Make sure you inform the fam that they will be on their own during these times! They will be okay!

You’ll feel better, and you know, when you feel good, it radiates from the inside out. You can see it in your walk, and it definitely shows through the vibrance of your skin and the brightness of your smile. So go ahead and take care of you today and everyday, and get your glow on girl, you deserve it!

Here’s what I suggest to get you started and on your way to a healthy daily and weekly self-care and wellness regimen.