Yes! You are a self-care queen: Honey, no one knows better than you the importance of taking care of self! You know you work hard and have definitely earned the right to play hard.

You look forward to your weekly spa treatments, but what about the rest of the week? And its probably been a minute since that last one.. Thank you corona. I know you can appreciate a good massage and exfoliating treatment on a Wednesday night, but who has time for mid-week appointments right? 

Here’s a Pro tip for you, and I know you know, but humor me, okay? Girl, you do not have to wait for that standing spa appointment to pamper yourself and get that spa glow! With the right products in your shower or on the side of your tub, you can turn your regular “routine” into a spa away form the spa

You are a powerhouse! There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first because when you’re good, everyone gets the best of you.  

Below is what I suggest to help keep your crown on straight, and keep you looking and feeling your absolute best every day!